Why Do I Have Mice? - How to Become Rodent Free!

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Fall time is a busy time for the pest control industry when it comes to mice.  With the colder weather mice are inclined to make their way inside to stay warm.  Some homes experience more issues than others and some homeowners ask why.  The frequent questions we get are.

  • I have been living in this house a long time and have never had a problem.  Why Now? 

  • We have a pest control service, but nothing seems to work as we still see mice.   What can we do to correct this situation?

What Causes Mice and Rats in Your Home?

As a pest control owner and operator with many years of experience, I know how difficult it can be to provide a quick fix to remedy a rodent problem. Most of our clients want simple answers and solutions but often it is not that easy since there are many contributing factors that create and prolong a mouse infestation.  Wondering what attracts rats and mice to your home? Here you go:

Some examples are:

  • Age of home. 

  • Conducive conditions in and around the home. 

  • Construction nearby.

  • Changes in the environment.

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Age of Home:

All these key points can play a part in a chronic rodent condition.  We find that the age of the home tends to be one of the biggest contributors. A lot of homes in Westchester county constructed before 1960 are built on a Rubble foundation (Stone and Mortar). Over time this type of construction degrades and becomes more porous thus allowing for greater pest problems. Sealing the foundation can be very hard and costly.  In addition to old construction, add obstructions such as an extended porch or crawlspace that is not accessible.  Building Codes Prior to 1960 never took a pest problem into consideration and now 60-120 years later homeowners are paying for it “literally”.  

Conducive Conditions:

Conducive Conditions in and around the home also play a part in having a chronic rodent problem.   A conducive condition is something that may attract rodents to your home such as overgrown landscape, infrequent garbage pickup, leaving doors open.  Trees, bushes, gardens, and bird feeders around the home provide a food source for rodents. Identification and elimination of these enticements are the first step in rodent elimination program.

Nearby Construction:

Construction on roads or on a neighboring home can also play a part in having a rodent problem.  Construction tends to move the rodents around as their current home is being disturbed.

Changes in the environment can also greatly influence rodent behavior.  As Global warming takes effect the rodent’s reproductive cycle is extended.

What Can You Do To Get Your Home Rodent Free?:

As mentioned, rodent problems are not as easy to solve as one would think but require many components to be successful.   If you have a newer home solving the problem may be as simple as just plugging a small hole around the electrical coming into the house and placing some rodenticide bait on the interior. Or, replacing a sweep on the garage or door, but when it comes to certain conditions that are hard to fix the solution boils down to “frequency “of service.  

How often is your Pest Control Technician coming to your home.  Depending on the situation Service may be needed weekly, twice per month, or monthly.  In addition to frequency how many control measures are in place such as Rodent stations on the exterior, using traps, and bait on the interior.  Giving attention to those hard to reach areas as best as possible.  There is no one easy solution but using everything in the toolbox to fight them.  The bottom line is you must be aggressive and relentless to fix a rodent problem. 

Unfortunately, rodent elimination requires more than just putting out bait and traps. It involves a thorough inspection, environmental control, mechanical control, and exclusion in conjunction with the application of rodenticide baits. For residents in Yonkers, effective pest control is essential. Our dedicated team at Suburban Pest Control offers comprehensive rodent exterminator services in Yonkers to ensure that your home remains rodent-free. As with all things, success and failure are dependent on cooperation.

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